To many, container is just a metal box to facilitate the transportation of goods. Little realizing that it has more uses than initially intended; It can be converted into office space, restaurant, classroom and even bedroom.

And hence the concept of FarmVille Café and Homestay or more popularly known as "Sekinchan Container Hotel" is constructed using metal container of various sizes laid out in a unique position offering a full view of the famous Sekinchan paddy fields, vast greenery of paddy trees during planting session or seas of gold during maturing session.

Beside the serenity of the paddy field, visitors can also explore the many other local attractions which is within 5 minutes driving distance. Last but not least, Sekinchan also being a coastal town has many restaurants offering tasty seafood at bargain prices.

Your stay at Farmville Café and Homestay, be it with your family or with friends will indeed be a unique experience of back to nature and total relaxation.

货柜,或许对很多人而言,只是一个装货物的集装箱; 但在创意无限的年轻人眼中原来它也可以改装成办公室单位、餐馆、课室,甚至是民宿!


【稻田休閒民宿】位于适耕庄中心,地理位置良好,无论是想观赏绿油油的田野风景,或是寻找道地美食都非常方便。 更难能可贵的是香港剧<单恋双城>都去取景热浪沙滩也只需要开车5分钟就可以抵达啦。那都不想去?没关系,【稻田休閒民宿】不仅可以瞭望无敌田野风景,同时也内设蹦蹦床和小型高尔夫球场保证您的假期过得充实愉快。


Farm Ville Cafe & Homestay
Lot 11304, Kampung Site B Tambahan
Jalan Tepi Sawah, Sekinchan
45400 Sekinchan, Selangor

Contact Number

+60 17-206 8666